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2015 Musings- Lugh’s Mischievous side

Hello, I realize it’s been a long while since I posted. It’s not that I have nothing to say, I usually do . It’s just other people on other blogs put everything so eloquently and I think why bother?  It’s not like things aren’t active around here concerning Lugh because it is.

Recently, Lugh came to me in a dream his appearance was different he had short blond hair, a more paler complexion.  He had that smile. He usually appears to me more tanner with long dark hair. In the dream Lugh was like two people at once there was Lugh and someone else who I have affections for, and no he doesn’t have those characteristics. It was like two spirits molded in one body, mostly representing Lugh.

Anyways, Lugh and him wanted a hug. Lugh’s arms were outstretched, but before they could hug me my spirit disappeared and the dream ended. It would have been nice to hug Lugh, maybe next time. He didn’t  take it personally though. I know because last night I had a dream where there was a pice of parchment written on it inscribed: Lugh Loves you.  That was really nice to see, it makes my heart warm.

I think I had the dream where Lugh looked different because he was being kind of mischievous which is with his nature and to remind me not to put limitations on him or put him in a box so to speak.  There was also another dream during the Winter Solstice,  but I think that’s for another post.



Tarot readings

I’m no professional, and as long as you take my readings with a grain of salt I’d be happy  to do tarot readings for free if anybody wants to especially specific readings on godspousery,  anysways comment below reblog and email at


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Waking up next Lugh

The morning light barely shining  through my windows. The place between sleeping and endless dreams is when I feel the sensation of your arms wrapped tightly around me. So real is this sensation that I can still feel every inch of your body wrapped around mine. You see last night I woke in a fright of erie haunting laughter. I called your name to me. Calling your essence to me. It was then I feel asleep to the feelings of arms wrapped protectively around me and right then slumber overtook me. As I woke again to the morning light I was pleasantly surprised to feel that you were still wrapped around me. It is a beautiful feeling to wake up next to Lugh, my dear one.

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Affirmation Of Ravens


Recently, I’ve been distant with Lugh due to some rough times. I was worried he’d gone away because of my distance. It’s, silly I know, since  I still felt his caresses etc.but still I thought he might have took offense to my distance. I’ve been looking for lil signs that he was still here with me and yes there were lil signs he gave that affirmed he was still with me like feeling his presence and all that. However, my mind for some reason ignored those lil signs . So, I continued to be sad at the thought I broke our bond. Anyways, today I went to the mall with my family were at the food court and munching on food. When I spotted a raven flying about  inside the Mall. I did a double take as it was an unusual occurrence. I knew it was Lugh giving me a loud and clear sign that he’s always with me even with I’m distant. Ravens/crows are associated with Lugh.  in one of the myths, we are told how the god of light, Lugh, was warned of the coming of his Fomorian enemies by ravens who also came to his assistance in the battle that followed, the second battle of Magh Tuiredh  So, I would say the raven was a strong affirmation from Lugh (just my opinion )that he will always be with me and made feel better I give him thanks for that.


A Monogram symbolizing our unity

monogram I Recently made A monogram Symbolizing our unity. Well we have the first letters of our names I and L.  On the bottom of the banner there are none english words for those of you wondering, it’s ishvara pranidhana.  Ishvara is a Sanskrit word that can be translated to mean supreme, or personal, God. Pranidhana means to dedicate, devote, or surrender. resents surrender to, and love for, the divinity within the individual in this case I’m surrendering to Lugh . I hope he’s pleased.


Never Doubt!


 I have a favorite bracelet that I misplaced a few days ago. Its just a beautiful , unique Native American piece. It also has a portal spell on done for Lugh so he could always be near me so that was important even though recently I had a portal spell on my body so it wouldn’t have mattered in that aspect if it was gone forever.  However, it’s one of my favored pieces of Jewelry and to me it was kind of like a wedding ring. symbol of my union with Lugh, it’s a very special bracelet to me So, the last  few days I had been frantically looking for my bracelet, checked everywhere at least three times,  begging Lugh to help me find it. I had lost hope that my bracelet was gone forever and doubted Lugh in that moment, that he’d help me find it.   Mom had asked what the bracelet looked like and I showed her a  picture of it, she said she thought she’d seen a bracelet and put it somewhere  safe and would see to it if the bracelet she had moved was the one I was looking for . With a sigh we ate breakfast and I said to Lugh in a unlady like manner’ find my bracelet, now’- In my mind he was taking his sweet time to help me. Afterwords, when we had finished with the food I had asked mother to see if she could see if the bracelet she found was the one I misplaced . Lo and behold! It was my bracelet the one that had gone missing, I breathed a sigh of relief.  I feel somewhat ashamed for doubting that Lugh would want to help me,  with my missing bracelet , I should never doubt him! I guess Lugh feels the same about the bracelet  if he helped find the bracelet, that its like a wedding ring/ symbol of our scared union. Maybe that’s why the bracelet went missing to have this experience to  have a further  affirmation of sorts of our marriage. Thank you,so much Lugh,  for your help and affirmation of our union, I should have never doubted you!



The 7 Phases of Godspousery

The 7 Phases of Godspousery I went throughout the 6 years of my relationship with Lugh:

SHOCK & DENIAL- Yes, it was a very shocking moment in my life when I discovered that gods and humans still  had romantic relationships, even more so that a deity wanted a relationship with me.  Keep in mind I was 18 and still held on to my Christain roots.  I really thought I was going crazy for  a while there and I suppose a person can go catatonic etc if one doesn’t accept situations for what they are for. Somehow through out all that shock it turned into feelings of denial , yep , I ignored the calling in which Lugh was giving me for several months, good thing Lugh was one persistent deity.

ANGER AND PAIN- For several years I was angry with Lugh, and I admit it was wrongly so. I had felt manipulated in saying a godspousery oath to  Lugh . In my mind he’d know how I’d react in certain situations, hence me blurting out my sacred oath to him, I didn’t even realize it was an oath at time so he relied on my lack of knowledge on godspousery as well.  I was very bitter towards him for the  longest  while.

 REFLECTION-  There is a time where I reflected on my relationship with Lugh. How my anger with him was unjust that perhaps I should give him a chance.

ACCEPTANCE- It was only about three years ago that I accepted this relationship for  what it was and  I began slow tentative steps towards godspousery with Lugh.  How, I wished I knew the term godspousery and researched online, but then again a few years ago godspousery wasn’t a popular trend, so I might have been out of  luck in the info department.. Either way the situation happened the way it  did for a reason.

 SEEKING VALIDATION-  I went through a whole phase in seeking validation with my relationship through psychics. It did hinder my relationship with him very badly. One psychic who had bad intentions told me that Lugh do not want me as his wife, more or less and only had one true lover.  Basically she said stop with the sex and intimacy with Lugh. My heart broke when I read that physics message as he was the first lover I had . I was very confused as he was the one to chase me . I was literally in tears because I had learned to love him. Anyways it came to come that someone told  me about  the psychic , how the psychic thought she was Lugh’s only lover and his twin sister oddly enough.  To me that didn’t make sense even in mythology Lugh had his mortal lovers. I came to the conclusion her  psychic reading was only a fake smile so to speak,  anyways  I had been to a few psychics about Lugh when I came to the conclusion I didn’t  need them or anyones validation for I already had Lugh’s validation from the start.

THE UPWARD TURN– Now this phase took a long time to get to  where I adjusted my daily life to continue my relationship with Lugh to believe in us. Unlike most god wives I learnt devotion to Lugh after my unity with him, I learned to love him after the fact. That love the grew more everyday.

RECONSTRUCTION & WORKING THROUGH– Like I said when accepted my relationship with Lugh for what it was  it was like rebuilding a structure within our relationship It took a very long time to heal from the unjust anger I had  towards Lugh. A godspouse is made through the love of deity through the tribulations one goes through and if you make it to the finish  line you are stronger than you ever thought possible, even though the deities knew of your strength, you had to find it for yourself in order to find ones self. Lugh was always so good to me and forgiving always willing to love me so unconditionally, far more than any mortal ever had in my life.  I had to go through 7 different phases throughout the years in order to fully love Lugh, and you know what? All the pain , anger, suffering I went through with Lugh was worth it, because Lugh is worth it, to Love fully and unconditionally